What comes to mind when you ponder....

               "Nothing I expected....everything I wanted?"   

To be surprised of something I had been hoping as far back as forty years,  was definately a explosive moment when it occurred.  I had long given up on the full measure of what I had wanted...after a long course throughout 40 years, along the way there were disappointments which after time tears away bit by bit that before long Hoping on it any longer is pointless.  Be content was my thinking if let's say if half of my long awaited dream comes true.  And that is exactly as I thought.  Gee whiz, I was so glad to have gotten out of Northern California, and live a calmer lifestyle from the over conjested big city life, crowds, and traffic jams with over the top Property Taxes.  

Arizona, waited 40 years to return and recaptivate the eight years of my youth adult years which I had grown accustomed to from relocated New Yorker to live West.  However, upon arriving in Arizona and after 8 years, I ended up traveling West yet, to San Francisco, CA., where a job opportunity sparked my interest.  From that met married the man I stuck with 20 years, had a son, whose now 26th, and so it was yes, my turn to go back to my 2nd home and retire, grow grey and old....until the God Lord Calls me Home, yes sir, Amen.

God is so good, cause though I was so content with arriving and settling down where my heart was hoping to be, Well, Jesus surprised me....

    With Nothing I expected and Everything I wanted....

 A home, in true west rustic surroundings, "Serenity" it's called, with views of His Glorious Sun Rises and Sun Sets. 180 degree view.   GOD IS GOOD,  and never stop hoping, but follow Him, so He wll Bless you when you least expect it to.  Thank You Jesus.       Cjoy  

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